Learning Difficulties

A Guide for Teachers Waldorf Insights and Practical Approaches

Mary Ellen Willby, editor

Audrey E. McAllen, René Querido, Margret Meyerkort, Ingun Schneider and many other contributors


A wonderful book and one for which I have been hoping for many, many years. Learning Difficulties gathers together nearly 300 pages of the best insights, deepest experiences and most successful approaches to learning difficulties by over 30 teachers expert in the field of learning disabilities.

In it you will find eye-opening accounts of the physical/emotional/mental configurations that most fully describe common and uncommon learning difficulties. Paired with these incisive descriptions is a clear and practical account of approaches, therapies, exercises that can be used to counter and heal these conditions. There are also numerous articles giving (often with really good illustrations!) diagnostic exercises that teachers can use to better understand a child’s difficulty.

This book is such a grace-filled gift! My hope is that many, many children experience and benefit from the work this book can inspire.

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