Knowledge, Teaching and the Death of the Mysteries

Dennis Klocek



Dennis Klocek is one of the finest teachers and most deeply insightful people I know. This book, transcripts of 6 lectures given in 2000, is everything I’ve come to expect from Dennis, including deeply inspiring.

Beginning with an overview of many of the trends in mainstream educational approaches – all of which attempt to “solve” the mysterious aspects of nature by offering information that explains them. This tends ot make awe and wonder diminish in the soul of the student. In contrast, Waldorf methodology is designed to help students penetrate the mysteries of life while still keeping the experience of the mysterious intact. From here, he goes on to articulate how it is that Waldorf approach accomplishes the dual goals imparting knowledge while preserving and fostering a sense of awe and wonder.

He identifies five different learning periods, illustrated through physiology and psychology to form pictures of the teaching/learning tasks and concerns appropriate for each age group. Topics include:

  • the life of the senses and the arising of instinctual patterns as the basis of temperament
  • the birth of the free etheric forces and the capacity to form voluntary inner pictures
  • sentient body/sentient soul and the developmental challenges of adolescence
  • awakening in the dream – the challenge of adult education

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