A Journey through Time

Biographical Rhythms

William A Bryant



Exploration into one’s own biography can be one of the most exhilarating and revealing adventures any of us can undertake.  William Bryant’s book is one of the richest available guides to such an journey, and as such, we recommend it without reservation.

From the author’s Introduction:

Surely a traveler’s story is his or her most precious possession — a pilgrimage long prepared and painfully executed, though normal waking awareness has no conscious idea of the patterns and the human connections prepared before birth.  This book was written for several affiliated reasons.  It is for those seeking to unravel the skein of life events by uncovering the connections between them and the meaning and lawfulness in the complex design of destiny and its karmic underpinnings.  It is also offered as a contribution to the field of biographical counseling.  Embedded in the heart of this book, among other themes, is the author’s lifelong quest to fathom the immense significance of suffering.

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