Children and Their Temperaments

Marieke Anschütz


One of the best and most accessible resources on the subject of the four temperaments and children. Anschütz gives us a guide to children’s different temperaments and their role in child character, health and personality development. She illustrates her ideas with examples from home and school, using the context of the Waldorf/Steiner school classroom, and discusses how to use these insights in managing and relating to groups and individuals. This is an fascinating journey that will be enlightening and invigorating to both parents and teachers.

  1. Rich in symbolism, Anschütz delivers a book which draws from sources as diverse as nature and the elements to fairy tales to show the parallels between man’s basic nature and the four base temperaments. She combines traditional Steiner theory with writings on the topic and legends to offer a picture which could yield many conversations for learning and debate among scholars and educators.