Adolescence: The Sacred Passage

Inspired by the Legend of Parzival

Betty Staley



This is a beautiful book. Betty Staley pierces through the discord and tumult of adolescence to see what is truly there: the birth pangs of the human spirit. I love it that she uses the legend of Parzival as a guiding light with which we may all see the beauty, even the terrible beauty, of the adolescents struggle to fight through the crashing world of desire until their own goodness emerges full in the world.

That this struggle is as real as those fought on any battlefield, and as filled with peril as it is with hope is never sidestepped. How we as adults respond to these teenagers (whose struggles are often very off-putting from the outside) is nothing less than a sacred task.

The community of adults in a high school environment is a community of trust in which we need to foster hope, belief in positive change, and commitment to serve the highest good. This is our charge and we must never forget it. We have the responsibility to believe in the capacity for change, for maturing, for transformation in every young person we serve. When these qualities live in the souls of the adults in a high school community, adolescents can thrive, can meet their own dark night of the soul and come through it into the light.

– Betty Staley

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