Children’s Party Book

For Birthday's and Other Occasions

Anne and Peter Thomas



From A to Z, this is the most complete, idea-laden, sound advice giving, enthusiasm inspring book I’ve seen on the subject of how to give and what to do at children’s parties. The Children’s Party Book ranges in content from guidelines for parties and games for children of different ages, to a lovely discussion of what a birthday is and can be for a child. Then, it plunges into page after page of ideas – things to make; party themes to create; party hats, invitations, decorations & favors to easily make from inexpensive materials. And then there’s games, games, games – some sure to produce giggles and cheers, others that will evoke studious concentration, and still others that will leave the players happily collapsed on the lawn after joyous exertion. As if that weren’t enough, there is also a section on puppet shows – how to make the puppets and stage, what to perform, and some puppet plays to get you going.

Altogether, a great book – wish I could be there when you try it out!

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