Left Hand Writing Skills – Book 3

successful smudge-free writing

Mark and Heather Stewart

Techniques and practice for left-handers, with guidelines for parents and teachers

NOTE: Imperfect copies currently discounted on the clearance page.


The third book of this series consolidates the process of developing good writing habits. Here, the writer applies what has been learned in Books 1 and 2 to writing with a pen. Ink is the real test of success for the left-handed writer! First, to form words which are accurate and legible, and then to avoid smudging them as the left hand follows the pen across the page.

Successful smudge-free writing can help overcome the frustration of so many left-handers. Note-taking, essay-writing, homework production and other normal handwriting uses can become satisfying events – no longer a source of disappointment.

The worksheets in Book 3 provide a wide variety of activities, all linked to handwriting in one way or another. From early Egyptian tablets, to Leonardo da Vinci’s curious mirror-writing, invitations, shopping lists and menu cards. Full-color illustrations once again help keep the interest of the left-handed student while the correct left hand habits are finally absorbed.

NOTE: Imperfect copies currently discounted on the clearance page (scroll down to find them).

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