Camphill Communities Guide

A Guide to Centres in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

The Association of Camphill Comunities

Full Color, hundreds of photos

Softbound, large format

Currently being offered as a FREE BOOK with $25 purchase. Click the link in the sidebar for details.


** Originally $16.95 **

This is one of the best ways to get a feel for what a Camphill Community has to offer a developmentally disabled person and the whole world. While not everyone lives in Great Britain, the warmth and variety of life of Camphill Villages worldwide is well represented in these lively portraits of Camphill Villages in the United Kingdom. You’ll get a wonderful sense of how unique each Camphill is while at the same time you come to see clearly the heart which they all share.

The photos are especially wonderful because they all feature the people who live and work in these very special places. Looking through it just made my heart sing.

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