Russian Fairy Tales

Illustrated by Aleksander Nickolaivicher Afanasyev



Originally $18.95 –

This is the largest collection of these beautiful, rich stories that I know of. Beautifully retold, charmingly illustrated in Russian folk-art style, this is a treasure that will serve you and your children for years and years. Nearly 200 characteristic and colorful traditional folk and fairy tales are brought together in the only comprehensive edition available in English.

I especially love the Russian tales because they are so richly woven – there is a glorious “fullness” to them, with a wonderful sense of detail that never mires, but always results in the most engaging, most multi-layered folk tales I have encountered. Our children heard and read hundreds of fairy tales – these are the ones they most often mention as still living in their adult hearts.

As Eudora Welty wrote when the original edition was published in 1945, “These tales are gorgeous.”

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

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