Norse Myths

Introduced and Retold by Kevin Crossley-Holland


I have been looking for a good collection of Norse Myths for some time – and have been wanting to offer this one for even longer. Every time I asked, however, I was told that it was unavailable. I kept asking, though, and at last heard that once again there were copies on the publisher’s shelves! from

If you are unfamiliar with Norse Mythology (as I also once was), the introduction is priceless. In it the author outlines the Norse Pantheon, the relationships of the gods and the progression of the myths from The Creation to the Ragnorak.

Crossley-Holland has selected 32 myths that capture in vivid story the tales of these boisterous, courageous, cruel and passionate gods. You’ll find Thor, Odin, Baldur, and Loki and a host of other fascinating gods and giants, and watch as the world of the Vikings moves from hopeful beginnings to abundant (and often clashing) life to the final battle that brings a close to that world.

This is a collection that is worthy of both child and adult. Recommended without hesitation!

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