Folktales from India

A Selection of Oral Tales from 22 Languages

Edited and with an Introduction by A.K. Ramanujan



I know of no other collection of folktales from India that is like this one – stories taken truly from the oral traditions of many groups and retold with an integrity that conveys so much life that I repeatedly find myself hearing the voice of the storyteller as I read them. For me, this collection is an exciting “find” – something I didn’t know I wanted but now can’t imagine never having had.

These are the types of fairy tales and folktales that explain the world around us – they reveal the types of people in the world, the way the spiritual world intermingles with daily life, the difference between what is wise and what only looks wise, and much, much more.

I would love to see more and more children hearing these stories – to me, they are a nectar of life. I would enthusiastically recommend various of these tales for children at several ages – during the “fairy tale years (ca. kindergarten and grade 1), “the fable years” (ca. grade 2), and then again as an enlivening addition to the myths of India (grade 5) as a way of uniting the heaven of the gods with the life of the earth. These tales are good, solid soul food – the kind that uplifts without carrying one off the ground. You’ll love them!

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