American Indian Myths and Legends

Selected and Edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz



Originally $21.00 –

Here is an exciting collection of over 160 stories that range from fairy tales to religious myths to just-so stories – and represent 80 tribal groups.

If, like me, most of what you have encountered as Native American tales has been the coyote or trickster stories, you are in for a panoramic adventure. Coyote is, naturally, still present and well-represented in these tales, but there is are also fairy tales of beauty, depth and truth, fables of all kinds, creation myths and stories of the realms of the gods, and delightful little tales that explain with humor and simplicity how things came to be as they are.

The stories are told in authentic and engaging language; they are filled to the brim with life and goodness and mystery. And they portray the depth and diversity of these cultures better than anything else I’ve read.

These are stories you and your children will love and think about and go back to for years. Enjoy!!

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