African American Folktales

Stories from Black Traditions in the New World

Selected and Edited by Roger D. Abrahams



Originally $19.95 –

These rich and warm stories come from all over the northern New World – from the antebellum South of the United States, to the villages of Caribbean islands and the streets of modern inner cities. They range in subject matter from the comedic stories of tricksters to stories of the creation of the world and how it got to be the way it is. Included also are morality tales of encounters between masters and slaves. Roger Abrahams has followed in the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm – travelling throughout the American South and Caribbean, tape recorder poised at every moment (something the Grimm brothers would have envied, I’m sure), saving these delicious, often poignant stories for all of us to enjoy and profit from. The age-appropriateness of these stories ranges from preschool to adult, most of them being appropriate to mid-grades levels. This is a great collection of tales – I had a wonderful adventure reading them.

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