Spirit in Watercolor – DVD

Goethe's Color Theory Applied

Lois Schroff

A companion to the book Color - It's Relationship to Soul and Spirit

Includes step-by-step instruction and demonstration in veil painting


When one thinks clearly about darkness, light and color, it is obvious that their existence is not dependent upon the physical. Darkness and light are primal spiritual phenomena, and the world of color and soul are the result of their interaction.”

– Lois Schroff

Lois Schroff has done something that many of us have been hoping someone would do – she has put a class in watercolor veil painting on video so that all those who long for a painting class but do not have a way to attend one can learn this healing and enlivening technique.

This video is the perfect companion to Schroff’s book, which contains detailed descriptions and clear black & white photos of the veil painting process. Because painting is a fluid, moving activity, Spirit in Watercolor picks up the instruction where Color – Its Relationship to Soul and Spirit leaves off.

It is with joy and gratitude to Lois Schroff that we offer her video in our shop.

  1. can you advise me if this dvd is suitable for the uk.;and how much postage would be, thank you


    1. The DVD is formatted only for the US. To play it outside the US, you will need to have a Multi-Format DVD player. Thanks for asking!!