Navigating the Terrain of Childhood

A Guidebook for Meaningful Parenting and Heartfelt Discipline

Jack Petrash



What an insightful and practical guide to the journey of parenting! Every parent can benefit from this artful blending of wisdom and experience, no matter what ages their children are.

– Rahima Baldwin Dancy author, You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

Jack Petrash has again succeeding in giving us a guidebook in clear language that is so true and practical it can’t help but be helpful. With an eye for what both parents and children need, he has crafted this book as a map through charted territory — some of landscape offering easy passage, other parts presenting challenges, even dangers. All of it must be travelled by parents as their children grow to adulthood — with a bit of preparation, knowledge ahead of time as to the lay of the land, even the more precarious terrain can be crossed confidently.

This is a great book — one that will make you smile as it gives you firm footing on the parenting highway.

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