Sing a Song of Seasons – Songbook & CD

Songs from the seasons of nature to sing with young children

Mary Thienes-Schunemann

Illustrated by Lura Schwarz-Smith


Sing the new songs! Sing with Joy! . . . not only with your tongue, but with your life!

– St. Augustine

So begins – and rightly so! – this gift of a songbook for parents, teachers and children. Mary Thienes-Schunemann has created exactly the songbooks that I have for years heard adults who care for children begging for. As with her other songbooks, this one is packed with beautiful, mescal, expressive songs to share with young children – AND it comes with CD you can use to hear Mary sing all the songs in a voice so pure and simple it can bring tears (of joy and gratitude) to your eyes. And thus, in joy and beauty you can learn these songs and share them with your beloved children – who will grow with smiles and gladness and song at their singing.

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Also available separately: Songbook Only

58 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, Spiral Bound. Includes Audio CD.

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