Celtic Quest

Avalon a cappella

Singers - Mary Thienes, Shea Darian, Amy Chevalier
Bodhran Drum - Suzette Nelson
Alto Lyre - Mary Thienes

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“To find the grail,

Become the grail,

Serve the grail, In birth and love, in work and play,

marriage and death, communion and praise

In these our sacred days, so common to the touch,

May we become a Holy Vessel . . .”

– from “The Quest” by Shea Darian

Voices startlingly beautiful, harmonies intensely intwined, instruments played with a quiet mastery, and LOVE – a deep, deep LOVE for these traditional and new songs, for our dear Earth, for the joys and sorrows of human life – the musicians of Avalon a cappella have poured all this into a musical offering that will wash over your soul as a balm both peaceful and invigorating. These songs are rendered with the beauty and grace to sooth your soul and gladden your life. Beyond Outstanding!

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