A Primer for Spiritually Thinking Educators

A New Organic-Living Translation of Rudolf Steiner's Original Essay, Education of the Child with Study Material

Mark Riccio



Originally $9.95 –

Here at last is what many have been asking for – a workbook that moves step-by-step along the path outlined in A Study Guide to Rudolf Steiner’s Heart-Thinking. Anyone following it with the liveliness of thought offered by the author will, I predict, find themselves in the adventurous realm of continuous discovery about both the world and themselves.

Mark Riccio offers up an excellent overview (i.e., how to proceed) and then begins with his own translation of Steiner’s essay The Education of the Child. In doing so, he has reshaped the title to indicate that all educators (not just those in Waldorf settings) are invited to partake, as was Steiner’s intent. In my mind, he also indirectly points to the fact that everyone is at one moment or another an educator and that anyone who wishes can draw from the well of its inspiration.

His process is one of diving into the words to arrive at the thought they surround, then to retrieve that thought from the depths of its dwelling place and bring it back into our world as living insight and inspiration. What you’ll discover is nothing less than sheer joy.

For groups or individuals, this is a pathway from the head to the heart and out into the world. Enjoy!

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