Waldorf Schools – Vol 1

Kindergarten and Early Grades

33 articles from Education as an Art, Bulletin of the Waldorf Schools of North America

Selected and edited by Ruth Pusch, with an introduction by Betty Staley


For almost 40 years teachers of Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner schools have shared their thoughts and experiences in the bulletin Education as an Art . Now Ruth Pusch has gathered together in this volume 33 of the best articles that focus on kindergarten and the early grades, making them available to a new generation of parents and teachers.

Here you’ll find some of the leading lights of the Waldorf School movement, speaking again upon these pages: William Harrer, Henry Barnes, Marjorie Spock, John Gardner, Frederick Hiebel, Francis Edmunds, Gisela O’Neil and many more. Really, many more.

The topics addressed range from very basic questions: What Do We Mean by Education as an Art? to the inner meaning of measles as a childhood disease to the importance of fairy tales. Truly a potent gathering of thoughts by those who paved the way.

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