Let’s Dance and Sing

Story Games for Children

Arranged by Kundry Willerth

Spiral bound


Let’s Dance and Sing offers up some of the most beloved circle games of the Waldorf kindergarten. All of them tell little stories, some of them reflect fairy tales told during story time. The music is charming, engaging, memorable (the minute I saw these songs again, I started humming some of my favorites, so well did they live in my memory after nearly 20 years!). You’ll love them, the children in your care will love them. A classic collection.


  • Introduction
  • The Daffodil (a personal favorite of mine!)
  • Eastertrain
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Seven Little Kids
  • Birthday
  • Aschenputtel
  • The Carrot
  • The Spinning Game
  • St. George – A Play
  • Stone Soup
  • Old Joseph Goes Walking
  • King Kaspar
  • Christmas Night

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