Form Drawing

Hans R. Niederhauser Margaret Frohlich

Spiral bound


This is the classic teacher’s guide to the art of form drawing as taught in Waldorf schools and anyone wanting to know more about Steiner’s intentions for the pedagogical use of form drawing, or to learn directly from two master class teachers will love going through this book again and again. There are all manner of forms, including form drawings for grades 1 through 5, and wonderful discussion about them.

As a resource for deepening your own understanding of how to use and present form drawing, I can’t recommend Neiderhauser and Frohlich’s work highly enough. If you are new to form drawing, I would suggest that either Form Drawing for Beginners or Form Drawing Grades One through Four would be better places to start — but don’t forget about this one. I promise, you’ll want to dive into it once you feel you have your feet on the ground!

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