The Architecture of Rudolf Steiner

A Visual Poem Set to Music

Karl M. Levin

DVD - 20 minutes


Take a walking tour of not only the current Goetheanum, but also the original “First Goetheanum” that was destroyed by fire in 1924. Through the magic of the camera, LightFilled Productions has taken available photographs and recreated the First Goetheanum – beginning with construction. The camera guides the viewer along an intimate tour of the forms and expanses of this unique building. After the fire of 1924, we see the debris cleared and a new building rise out of its ashes. At the end, we are treated to a view of the surrounding buildings that have been built nearby – inspired by Steiner’s vision of architecture.

The effect of this tour is heightened by the absence of narration, with music being the only sound as one “walks” along, pausing to look at these remarkable structures.

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