Cancer Recovery Guide

15 Alernative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health

Jonathan Chamberlain


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In Europe and the U.S., we have a forty to fifty percent chance of illness from cancer at some time in our life. So what do you do if you are diagnosed with the disease? The harshness of orthodox treatments (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) are well-known. Their use is widespread, but their results are not very impressive. Faced with these options, informed patients are increasingly seeking alternative and complementary strategies to take control of healing their illness. This book provides an overview of those options.

Jonathan Chamberlain watched his wife suffer and eventually die—both from her cancer and from the direct effects of the orthodox treatments she had undergone. His experience led to a journey in search of other methods of overcoming cancer. What he discovered stunned him. There are many alternative and/or complementary remedial approaches out there—dozens of them—many offering very good chances of recovery.

In Cancer Recovery Guide, Chamberlain presents fifteen simple and practical strategies for becoming well again. These strategies are grouped into three families—those that relate to the mind and the emotions (did you know stress makes cancers more aggressive?); those that address the health of the whole body (cancer cannot survive in a tissue environment that is truly healthy); and those that focus on attacking cancerous tumors directly.

The personal stories cited throughout Cancer Recovery Guide testify to the therapeutic possibilities of the strategies presented.


  • Introduction: Understanding the Basics
  • Embrace Hope – Cancer is Curable
  • Harness the Healing Power of the Mind
  • Love and Forgive Yourself and Others
  • Relax and Laugh
  • Detox the Body
  • Oxidize the Body
  • Alkalize the Body
  • Empower the Body
  • Feed the Body with the Right Nutrients
  • Cut the Cancer’s Energy Supply
  • Interfere with the Cancer Cell’s DNA
  • Induce Cancer Cell Suicide
  • Attack the Tumour
  • Attack the Causes of Cancer
  • Open Yourself to Possibilities

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