Lessons for Middle School Issues – Third Edition

Classroom Lessons Supporting the Development of Life Skills, Self Knowledge and Social Grace

Linda E Knodle

Coming of Age Curriculum Series



Linda’s second volume in the Coming of Age Curriculum Series focuses on a semester’s worth of topic-oriented lessons to be delivered to students ages 13 & 14 and grades 8-9. These lessons are open, enlivening, and nourishing of the upright human being within both students and adults. There is an artistry and playfulness that informs all these less and makes them so very beautiful and healthy for both the students and adults. We really can’t recommend them highly enough.


Part One: Preparation for the Course


  • Sample Rotation for Middle School Blocks of Study
  • Daily Main Lesson (Sample)
  • Elements of the Lesson

Preparation: Before Classroom Work

  • Preparing Yourself
  • Preparing the Faculty Letter for Faculty or Adult Community
  • Survey
  • Preparing for Parents Letter for Parents
  • Developing Values
  • Preview Questions for Interviews
  • Overview
  • Preparing for the Students Details of the Day
  • Spelling List
  • Resources for Teachers and Parents
  • Resources for Student

Part Two: Lesson Plans

  • Table of Contents for Lesson Plans
  • Student Lesson Book Entry Sequence
  • Optional Lessons for Day Five through Eighteen
  • Student Lesson Book Entry Sequence for Optional Lessons

Part Three: Supplements

  • Teacher’s Evaluation of Student
  • Student’s Evaluation of Teacher
  • Reviewing the Work
  • About the Author

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116 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 2012.

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