Calendar of the Soul – Mann Translation

Rudolf Steiner

Translated by Christopher and Lisolotte Mann



Rudolf Steiner wrote the 52 verses of The Calendar of the Soul as content for meditation aimed at helping people to awaken to the life cycles and purposes of the Earth and nature. Each verse reflects the life of the natural world at a particular point in the cycle of the year – the reflection is seen in the mirror of the human soul. My own experience of these verses is that they act as illuminating light on what I am both witnessing outwardly and experiencing inwardly. I have always found that each verse moves me toward greater participation in the seasons of the World.

If you have been curious about this particular meditation, or have been wanting to begin a meditation practice for yourself, I can highly recommend the content of The Calendar of the Soul as being rich in experience and fruitful in outcome. I am actually very, very grateful for the time I have spent with these verses.

Because everyone responds to the various translations in very personal ways – they all have weaknesses and strengths when compared with the German originals, I will simply offer the St. John’s Tide verse from each version and let you decide which is just right for you right now.

The world’s fair shining glory
Compels me from the depths of soul
To let my being’s God-given powers
Soar out into the Universe –
Abandoning my Self,
And trusting only, seek myself
In light of worlds and warmth of worlds.

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