Making Movement Human

Hagens Recording Studio, Inc.

North American Zone Format

No running time is listed - I estimate somewhere around 2.5 hours total, but have not timed it.


Had I not seen this DVD, I would not have believed it possible to present the movement art of eurythmy so clearly and so deeply through the medium of  video recording.  It is nothing less than brilliant and wonderfully thorough. 

Herbert Hagens, owner of Hagens Recording Studio, has been involved with anthroposophy and Waldorf education for many years.  His video Waldorf Education, A Vision of Wholeness was in fact the first video that managed to effectively and beautifully capture the life of a Waldorf school on tape.  Eurythmy ~ Making Movement Human is, if anything, even better. 

By beginning quite literally at the beginning with the context of the world during Steiner’s lifetime, and then explaining not just with words but with example after example of eurythmy performance and pedgogy that illustrate what those words mean in reality, Hagens has done what no one else has yet accomplished: made eurythmy as an art form comprehensible to those outside of eurythmy schools.

In a slow, relaxed fashion, Hagens covers the history and types of eurythmy, as well as the pedagogical benefits of eurythmy as taught in Waldorf schools.  You will find yourself captivated by the performances recorded around the world, in love with what good eurythmy teaching can mean for students, grateful for the therapeutic effects of eurythmy, and, really, just so happy to have made the discovery of what eurythmy is really all about.

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