The Vaccine Guide (2002 Edition)

Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults

Randall Neustaedter, OMD



Aside from diet and discipline, no other issue concerns parents more today about their children’s health than the safe use of vaccines. The Vaccine Guide provides a clear, well-balanced, and thoroughly researched review of vaccine use. I strongly recommend it for parents and health care providers.

Robert Schiller, MD, Chairman Department of Family Medicine Beth Israel Medical Center, New York

Finally! A thorough, balanced review of both the risks and benefits of vaccines. Here is the guide I’ve been hoping would be written, one which informs clearly and completely then leaves the decision in the hands of the family.

Parents needing to decide for their children whether to vaccinate and, if so, whether to vaccinate with every vaccine recommended will find Dr. Neustaedter’s presentation to be a breath of fresh air – as well as a helping hand from someone who is extremely well-versed in the subject.

Adults needing to decide for themselves whether to get flu shots, vaccinations for travel, hepatitis and booster doses will also find all the information they need to make sound decisions for themselves.

This is the only non-dogmatic, balanced and thorough account of the subject I have found – Thank you! Dr. Neustaedter!!

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