The Illustrated Calendar of the Soul

Meditations for the yearly cycle with fifty-two pictures by Anne Stockton

Rudolf Steiner

Translated by John B Thomson

Hardbound with bound ribbon bookmark


In addition to my comments found with the Mann translation, I’d like to add that this special little volume holds a treasure of visual meditative material – the paintings, some of them tremendously beautiful, themselves offer abundant insights and reflections of the cycle of the year. My own approach would be to sometimes use only the pictures as my content, sometimes only the verses. I can even see developing a visual/written word rhythm throughout the week – and I can imagine the fruitfulness of this approach to be great. As you can surmise, I have not yet tried this (I only just discovered the book), but I do intend to work with it — and am very eager to do so.

Here is John Thomson’s translation of the St. John’s Tide verse:

The shining beauty of the world
Compels me to set free from depths of soul
My life’s God-given powers
To wing their way in the worlds,
And to forsake myself
And, filled with trust, seek still myself
In the light and warmth of worlds.

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