Healing Childhood Ear Infections

Prevention, Home Care, and Alternative Treatment

Dr. Michael A. Schmidt


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** Originally $16.95 ** Ear infections are still the leading reson parents take their child to a doctor. To combat infections, parents and doctors employ arsenals of antihistimines and antibiotics, and too quickly resort to ear tubes nad surgery. In this updated and revised second edition of his bestselling Childhood Ear Infections, Dr. Michael Schmidt describes the current controversy in medical journals questioning existing treatments for chronic earaches.

The causes of middle ear infections, Dr. Schmidt argues, are a series of events which flourish when poor nutrition occurs: the immune system is lowered, excess mucus is produced, and vitamin and mineral absorption is inadequate.

Careful attention to diet and nutrition to prevent food allergies, and the use of acupressure, homeopathic medicine, and herbal medicine are effective in healing earaches and preventing their recurrence. Healing Childhood Ear Infections offers the most compelling critique to date of existing treatments and the effectiveness of alternative therapies.

This book offers hope, solid information, and sound advice for discouraged parents and clinicians. It shines a much-needed brilliant light on a common, troubling, often chronic childhood illness. It should be sent home from the hospital with every newborn – and be required reading for all clinicians

Jan T. Adams, MD, Clinical Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School

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