The Flower Remedy Book

A Comprehensive Guide to Over 700 Flower Essences

Jeffrey Garson Shapiro



The author has done us all a tremendous service in creating this guide to the use of flower essences. In addition to gathering together the essences from all the main producers throughout the English-speaking world (no small task – there really are over 700 of them!), he has organized his book according to the conditions – mental, emotional, physical – that they address. In short, he has given us a the most comprehensive repertory to the flower essences ever conceived. In doing so, he has distilled the complexity of working with so many essences down to a very approachable system designed to help the lay person find the right rememdy quickly and accurately.

For those wanting to learn more about the flower essences themselves, Garson Shapiro has also included a listing of all the producers whose work he has drawn from.

All in all, this is a book that promises to be well-used and health-giving in any home.

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