Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine

Safe and Effective Remedies for You and Your Family

Stephen Cummings, MD and Dana Ullman, MPH



This is the other guide to homeopathy that accompanied me and my children as they were growing up. As with Panos’s book, I still return to it when someone in my family or a friend is visited by illness. The edition I’m able to offer you contains even more information and helpful tools than the one I have loved for so long.

You’ll learn how to:

  • assess illnesses and identify clues that point to the right remedy
  • individualize homeopathic treatment
  • decide when professional medical treatment is required
  • gain access to leading homeopathic organizations and resources

Additionally, this new edition also includes two new features that make selecting the correct remedy even faster and easier:

  • Casetaking Questions, to guide your information-gathering process in regard to symptoms
  • Remedy Summaries, for at-a-glance identification of the appropriate remedy

This is a great book – I hope it finds a place on every family’s bookshelf!

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