Discovering Homeopathy

Your Introduction to the Science and Art of Homeopathic Medicine

Dana Ullman

Foreword by Dr. Ronald W. Davey, Physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II



When I first encountered homeopathic medicine about 25 years ago, it was really difficult to get even basic information. Like everyone else who comes new to homeopathy, I had question after question: How could a medicine work if the amount of substance was so small as to be virtually non-existent? Had it been tested? If it worked so well, why wasn’t it well-known, even mainstream? Finding answers to these and other questions involved years of reading and discussion. In the meantime, I had the persuasive evidence that these remedies healed my children faster than anything else I tried (we’re talking minutes – really, minutes – as distinct from the days it took for antibiotics to take effect) and with no observable side effects. Still, I was very uncomfortable with my lack of understanding and the fact that my questions seemed to be clearly answered nowhere.

Happily, times have changed and Dana Ullman has written this great book which answers every question I had and then some.

You will find a thorough, yet highly accessible treatment of:

  • how homeopathic remedies work
  • why homeopathy came to be sidelined in the United States
  • what research has been done
  • an overview of approaches to treatment for pregnancy, childhood, women’s health, infectious disease, allergies, chronic illness, injuries, mental health, and dentistry.

Included also is a resource guide for manufacturers, schools, and more information.

Discovering Homeopathy is more than an introduction – it is a class-A reference to just about any basic question you may ever hold regarding homeopathy. Very highly recommended!

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