Seven Times the Sun

Guiding Your Child through the Rhythms of the Day

Shea Darian



Seven Times the Sun is a simply the best parenting book I’ve seen.

Shea Darian’s approach is radically different from any other I’ve found in print: where other’s have offered considered, often good, advice, Shea sprinkles the magic of stories, songs, simple rituals whimsy and celebration into daily life, then seasons this mixture with quiet times and a few parenting tips for helping your child feel secure.

The result? As you bring her gifts, one after another into your life and especially into that of your children, you’ll find your home becoming a happy place to live, a place where all of you — children and adults — come to know you are loved, a place you all look forward to being in when away and are at peace with when you are there.

Will this banish every storm cloud that overcasts your life? No, of course not. But in a home with song and simple ritual and stories, storms are only part of the landscape, seldom devastating.

This is an approach from the heart, for the heart. You’ll find it’s healing magic is just what you’ve always wanted.

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