Living Passages for the Whole Family

Celebrating Rites of Passage from Birth to Adulthood

Shea Darian



Shea’s latest book is a treasure for any family, any time. Throughout its more than 300 pages, she offers up celebrations for more than 20 of life’s most important moments, many of which I have never witnessed anyone celebrating before. Her love of life and love for the human heart shine joyously on every page – Living Passages is itself a celebration of the steps we all must take along the pathway that is our life.

I believe that this book is destined to breathe healing life into the world long after all of us have moved on to other realms – it is just that powerful, just that love-filled. It is my fondest hope that it finds its way into hearts and homes everywhere, and becomes a source of renewed joy, hope and love to all who are touched by its goodness.

Inside you will find:

  • Creative ideas for celebrating contemporary rites of passage from birth to age 21
  • Guidance for making soulful connections to secular rites of passage in the 21st Century
  • Over 20 rites of passage ceremonies for infants, children, youths and adults
  • Over 30 songs to honor life transitions
  • Ideas for celebrating birthday passages
  • Guides for imparting age-appropriate rights and responsibilities in a young person’s life
  • Soulful wisdom & encouragement for parents
  • Ideas for parents and caregivers to reclaim and heal life passages from the past

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