Bringing Out the Best in Boys

Communication Strategies for Teachers

Lucinda Neall



Although it is true that some of the material in this book is directed especially toward classroom teachers (the parts, for instance, about constructive ways to handle parent meetings), the better portion of the book contains gems that will be valuable to all teachers (whether at home or in the classroom) and parents.

Neall offers time-tested communication strategies that help get the best out of boys. The tips for tackling difficult behavior wil result in more cooperation and learning to the benefit of everyone.

The author works with teachers and schools to identify what helps boys learn. The result is this handbook, packed full of techniques, examples, and tips. Topics include:

  • Affirming and channelling boys’ energy, so you can get them on your side
  • Improving boys’ emotional literacy, so they gain in confidence and self-awareness
  • Using boundaries and appropriate discipline to calm classes
  • How to encourage boys so that they can be at their best
  • Getting boys to cooperate without nagging and shouting
  • Engaging boys with hmor and playfulness.

I feel strongly that this approach is something almost everyone involved with educating or rearing boys in this world of ours has been longing for – it is clear, practical, warm and, best of all, effective. Very highly recommended!

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