Bridge Over the River

After Death Communications of a Young Artist Who Died in World War I

Joseph Wetzl



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This book contains amazing communications from a young musician named Sigwart to his sister after his death in 1915. At first, she experienced Sigwart’s attempts to reach her as a kind of inner unrest. This eventually led to the feeling that her brother was trying to contact her. Gradually, as she lived with this feeling, she was able to achieve conscious contact with her brother. In this state, she received many remarkable messages, some of which are gathered here.

In the past decades, there have been many “communications” from the other side. What distinguishes the messages in this book is not only the inherent interest of what they have to say, but the fact that they were authenticated by Rudolf Steiner. Sigwart’s sister has described her meeting with Rudolf Steiner: “For an hour and three quarters he scrutinized page after page. . . . Many times he nodded and exclaimed approvingly, ‘Very well described! Well expressed! Characterized exactly. . . .’ I waited in vain for the negation of any messages. But none came. As a parting word, Dr. Steiner said, ‘Yes, these are exceptionally clear, absolutely authentic communications from the spiritual world. I see no reason for dissuading you from listening to them further.’

The Bridge over the River is a profound and inspiring document. Containing prayers, meditations, insights, advice, and a view of the world born aloft by love, it will comfort, enlighten, and speak to hearts of all persuasions.

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