Sacred Flora

World Botany in the Light of Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Science

Alan Whitehead



Alan takes us on a fascinating exploration of the plant world, the spiritual realms within and without, medicinal, nutritional and sacred signatures of flora, and much more. Along the way, he delves into the mysteries of death and enlightenment, substances therapeutic and delightful, planetary influences upon plants, the distribution of plant species worldwide and gardening.

Sacred Flora is the sort of book to nibble at and contemplate; or, if you prefer, to dive into and not stop until you emerged drenched in a sparkling new world view. Great as background inspiration for teachers or gardeners. A collection of insight, musing and facts that will have you pondering them over and over again.


  • Sign of Flame, Sign of Smoke: The Pneumical Wedding of Christian Esotericism
  • The Medicine Woman – Sacred Floral Therapy
  • The Medicine Land – Seven Sacred Plant Substances
  • The Medicine Plants – Seven Sacred Spices
  • I Think Speech – I Eat – Five Sacred Floral Foods
  • Fire, Air, Water, Earth – The Cryptic Cryptogamae
  • The World Garden – Seven Planet Plant Influences
  • Annunciation to Ascension – Spectrum Plant Signatures
  • The 4 Elements – A Spiritual & Natural Science Exposition
  • I Had a Good Teacher – Seven Geographic Plant Mansions
  • 12 Days of Community Service – An Esoteric Plant Classification
  • A Botanical Garden? – Every Town Should Have One

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