The Rainbow Years

A Creative Life - Volume 2

Alan Whitehead

Memoirs of a Rudolf Steiner Teacher



In this second volume, we find our hero, Alan Whitehead, taking up his third teaching year (and going on through 6 more), helping to lead his school during roller-coaster rides of prosperity/poverty, smooth sailing/rebellion and into a new, expanded and fruitful life. We also watch as his children grow and blossom, and as Susan flowers as a kindergarten teacher.

Everything I said about Volume 1 applies here – with an emphasis on the intimately honest accounting of a school history personally lived. Anyone who has been involved with Waldorf schools will both recognize and admire the courage of Whitehead’s accounts of the growing pains which could so easily have become the death knells of his school. This account is so valuable in so many ways – I hope many, many people read it.

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