Woolly Thoughts

Unlock Your Creative Genius with Modular Knitting

Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer



Here is a book to delight knitters and teachers of mathematics – all at the same time!

How do they do this? Well, they are both mathematics teachers, amazing in their ability to make everything clear and fun. Right from the start, they forge a pathway to knitting heaven by having you take out whatever yarn you like, your choice of needles, and a small calculator. What happens next is a guided tour through a mosaic of shapes and colors — all of them easy, all of them fascinating and beautiful. With Pat and Steve at your side, you can truly forget about conventional knitting patterns and follow your imagination where ever it leads you. Your students will begin absorbing and delighting in geometric and mathematical relationships without even noticing that’s what they are doing. They will also being to love the time they spend knitting simply because they can follow their own inspiration so easily.

Happily and heavily illustrated throughout, with a section of color plates showcasing some of Pat’s creations, Woolly Thoughts brings you everything you need for a lifetime of discovering the joys knitting and mathematics. This is a book that students and teachers will love equally – each will discover their knitting and their mathematical skills just get better and better, one stitch at a time!

A beautiful way to unite handwork with mathematics!

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