Eric Sloane’s Weather Book

Eric Sloane



Eric Sloane is one of my all-time favorite authors, and the reappearance after many years of his fascinating book on weather and weather lore is an event to be celebrated. This is a book that anyone teaching meteorology will want to have available — absolutely no student could fail to find the subject interesting if you share Eric Sloane with them.

In simple language, Sloane explains the whys and wherefores of weather and weather forecasting – and does so in a universally appealing way.

With humor and common sense shining through in a book that’s also lively and informative, Sloane shows readers how to predict the weather by “reading” such natural phenomena as winds, skies, and animal sounds. This beautifully illustrated and practical treasure trove of climate lore will enlighten outdoorsmen, farmers and sailors as much as it will your students. Anyone who has ever wondered what a large halo around the moon means, why birds “sit it out” before a storm, and whether or note to take an umbrella when leaving home will love this book.

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