The Story of the Champions of the Round Table

Howard Pyle



These are the stories of three worthy, noble, excellent knights-champions: Sir Launcelot, Sir Tristram, and Sir Percival.

The stories of these three knitghts are among the most colorful and enduring in the vast body of Arthurian legend. The love-story of Tristram and the beautiful Isoult, of King Mark and the magic potions; the woundrous legend of Launcelot’s emergence for the castle of the Lady of the Lake and the deeds that made him teh chiefest glory of the Round Table; Percival’s championship of the Lady Yvette and his adventures at the Castle of Beaurepaire – these are all retold in Pyle’s inimitable style that perfectly captures the tone and spirit of ancient romance. Pyles illustrations are a treasure for all.

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