The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Written and Illustrated by Howard Pyle



I grew up at a time when Robin Hood and his Merry Men were a vibrant part of popular culture — all the children I played with knew the stories as well as I did, and all of us loved Robin Hood and wanted to be just like him. The amount of pretend sword fighting and arrow shooting that we did was enough to leave even our energetic rabble ready for dinner and bedtime.

Looking back on my Robin Hood days, I still feel happy and grateful to have had them — they provided all of us with wonderful adventures requiring real courage and derring-do. And, they gave us a model of someone who stood outside an unjust law, yet upheld a truer law and with a generous heart. Really, how could anyone ask for anything more for a child’s imagination?

Howard Pyle’s classic retelling of the Robin Hood tales is, in my opinion, the best available. The language is wonderful, Pyle’s illustrations capture each moment while leaving lots of room for more imaginings, and he has told the greatest number of Robin Hood legends between two covers. Here are stories to nourish our childrens’ brave hearts. Wonderful stuff!

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