Nordic Gods and Heroes

Padraic Colum



One of the world’s greatest storytellers has given us what I believe is the most elegant and engaging versions of the core of Norse mythology. Padraic Colum’s retellings of these timeless stories of the rather raucous pantheon of Norse Gods, giants and heroes will draw you and your students or children into the story, hold you there through to the end and when it is over, leave you hoping for more stories to come. This is a reprint of Colum’s book that was originally published in 1920 — and what a wonderful thing it is to have it available here and now!

Among the many stories in Nordic Gods and Heroes are:

  • Iduna and Her Apples – How Loki Put the Gods in Danger
  • How Freya Gained Her Necklace and How Her Loved One Was Lost to Her
  • How Frey Won Gerda, the Giant Maiden, and How He Lost His Magic Sword
  • The All-Father’s Forebodings: How He Leaves Asgard
  • Odin Goes to Mimir’s Well – His Sacrifice for Wisdom
  • How Thor and Loki Befooled Thrym the Giant
  • Ægir’s Feast: How Thor Triumphed
  • Loki the Betrayer
  • Baldur’s Doom
  • Sigurd at the House of the Nibelungs
  • The Twilight of the Gods

And many, many more!

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