The Boy with the Bronze Axe

Kathleen Fidler



A riveting story of Stone Age life in the village of Skara Brae on Orkney! Kathleen Fidler not only keeps us engaged and eager for more, she has also managed to meticulously reconstruct daily life, rituals, even the landscape of this ancient world — all the while posing a question that is a modern as it is perenniel: What does one do when strangers arrive with new and potentially threatening technology?

It all begins when Kali and Brockan are out on the rocks, chipping limpets off with their stone axes. While they are busily engaged, they lose track of both time and the tides and suddenly realize that the rock they are on is surrounded by water and will soon be submerged under the rising sea. Just as suddenly, a strange boy appears in a strange boat — and carrying a sharp ax made of something never seen before. In rescuing the children, he brings conflict to the village as the residents of Skara must decide what to do with the new boy, his new ideas, his unheard of practices, and, especially, his bronze ax.

Wonderful story for children over 9.

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