A Museum of Early American Tools

Eric Sloane


This book is exactly what the title says it is: a museum of Early American tools. And, as with any great museum, simply to enter is to find oneself awash in awe and admiration and wonder. This is simply one of my all time favorite, best loved and remembered books ever.

Seeing Eric Sloane’s work come back into print and regain popularity gives me cause for hope for the world. His every sketch, every comment embodies a respect and love for things made by human hands, hands that know and understand the nature of their tools and materials. A Museum of Early American Tools in particular evokes a love of both nature and human effort without ever saying a word about it. Open the pages, you’ll see!

In the context of Waldorf education, there are so many places where having a copy of this book simply available for browsing would enliven a student’s understanding and warm his or her interest — for instance:

  • during the house building and farming blocks in Grade 3
  • kept nearby as woodworking commences in grades 4 and 5 and beyond
  • perhaps even referred to during lessons on the Industrial Revolution – as it is bursting with examples that bridge the pre-industrial and industrial ages

There is life and the magic of imagination on these pages!

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