The Light Princess

and Other Fairy Tales

George MacDonald



When our children were young, there were several collections of George MacDonald’s fairy tales available. Now, it seems there is only this one remaining. It is our good fortune that between its covers are some of MacDonald’s very best stories, still in print for young and old to enjoy and grow by.

Good and evil fairies abound in this rich collection of compelling tales by one of the foremost fantasy writers of the nineteenthy century. So do magical lands, sinister monsters, giants, ogres and other creatures from the realms of imagination.

In “The Light Princess,” a young royal, bewitched at birth by her spiteful aunt, is cursed with uncontrollable bouts of lightness. (Gravity, it seems, doesn’t affect her!) A little boy in “The Golden Key” is told he can find a magical key a the end of the rainbow. What the key will open, though, is part of its mystery. And in “The giant’s Heart,” the monster in question is truly heartless, for he’s hidden his heart, and it’s up to two determined children to find the awful thing and put an end to the colossal ogre.

These and five other beguiling tales are here, ready for another generation.

Ages 9 and up as read-to-me; ages 12 and up for reading to themselves

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