The Indian How Book

Arthur C Parker



When I was about 5 years old, I had a children’s version of this book. I was so captivated by the possibilities of making all these things, from clothing to long houses, that I have never forgotten the pictures I spent so much time looking at, despite the fact that my parents did not see fit to begin canoe construction in our apartment living room. And, until recently, I didn’t even know that the book I loved so well descended from an adult book that goes into much more detail and is, to an adult, much more interesting.

The things you can learn from this book are just perfect for passing along to your children or class — the concrete nature of creating any of these things taken from a variety of Native American tribes will convey more about the people who made them, and more about how the earth really is, than anything that could be said. This is one of the richest treasuries about Native American life still available — as a resource book for parents or teachers, it is truly unbeatable.

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