Johanna Spyri




This story was a family favorite when our children were young – we all still love it, and for good reason. It is a quintessential tale of the transformation that is possible when goodness and good cheer enter the lives of those who have lost those qualities. Heidi herself is like a ray of sunshine, beaming with such an even light that she herself seems unaware of the negativity in the people around her.

Once she comes to live with her hermit-like grandfather, she opens the heart of everyone she meets. She transforms the lives of Peter, a goatherd; Peter’s blind grandmother; Clara, a well-to-do but sickly girl; and even the old Alm-Uncle, Heidi’s surly grandfather. A delightful story “for children and those who love children.”

The ending is a beautiful picture of wholeness restored – just exactly what all of us need to be reminded of, just what our children need to know is possible. A very beautiful book, one that will go on living in your heart.

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