The Fables of Aesop

Edited by Joseph Jacobs



I was so pleased to come upon this book — it is exactly the same edition of Aesop that I grew up with (at about the same price, too!). Seeing the charming pen-and-ink illustrations was like coming home, and rereading the stories, told so simply, yet with such sparkle that there are many that I found I had remembered almost word-for-word even 40+ years after last reading them.

Anyway, this, in my opinion, is simply the finest edition of Aesop’s Fables available in English. The animals are all animals, not made to look like humans. The language is straightforward, to the point, and yet packed with an interest of the world and its ways. Share these with a child and I promise that you’ll laugh, you’ll ponder, sometimes you’ll even complain at the outcome — mostly, both of you will love each and every story and carry them with you long after you’ve set the book aside.

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