Eric Sloane’s Book of Storms

Hurricanes, Twisters and Squalls

Eric Sloane



Put some punch into your lessons on weather! Or, just leave this book lying around to fascinate children and adults alike.

Eric Sloane brings his characteristic enthusiasm to bear on the subject of extreme weather events – and leaves every reader not only edified, but captivated with wonder that such things can be.

What triggers a tornado? What can you see in the eye of a hurricane? What is the difference between a thunderbolt and a thunderclap? Eric Sloane demonstrates why weather is something best understood by seeing it. His rich illustrations show weather in action with not a glimmer of a sunny day – cyclonic storms, whirlwinds, waterspounts, lightnigh bolts, and other fascinating, weather-related topics abound. More than 70 pages of drawings and diagrams bring the worst of weather alive in a most wonderful way.

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